Joey Brannon, CPA


Joey started Axiom in 2005 with a vision to help small, family owned businesses achieve their goals. Many business owners lose sight of the dreams they had on day one, and reconnecting them with that vision is the first part of the process. A small business owner at heart, Joey understands the struggles, frustrations, joy and accomplishment that come from running a company focused on serving others.

With over 20 years of small business experience Joey brings both financial discipline and creative strategic thinking together in one process. At the outset he helps companies build practical strategic plans for growth. And then, he engages with the leadership team to execute those plans. Along the way he coaches business owners and their direct reports through tough decisions and setbacks. And he celebrates the wins and accomplishments with the team.

Clients cover a range of industries and geographic markets. Over 80% of Axiom's clients have a second or third generation involved in the business. Joey works with these families to extend the reach of their mission and legacy. This often involves helping parents determine when the next generation is ready to take over, but also entails helping parents let go of the reigns and pass the baton without sacrificing the culture they've worked so hard to build.

Joey is a Florida native and has been married to Josie since 2000. They have three children: Andrew, Lance and Anelise. Both are actively involved in their church, Cornerstone of Lakewood Ranch, and in the surrounding community. Joey is a current board member and past chair of the Manatee Family YMCA and an advisory board member to Parenting Matters. Josie is a board member of Family Life Community School. Together they are honored to serve as board members of Marriage and Family Works.

Carrie Luster

Carrie is the backbone of Axiom. As firm administrator she handles all back office functions. As executive assistant she coordinates client communications and runs all of Axiom's client dashboarding services. As an expert in office technology and communication systems she helps new clients and thier team members integrate with all of Axiom's services and platforms. From on-boarding to weekly check-ins Carrie is intimately involved with every client relationship. She sets the standard for customer service at Axiom, and receives regular praise from them for her attention to detail and follow through.

Devin Dash


Devin joined Axiom because he believes in the redemptive impact small businesses can have on their communities. With a background in business and marketing he brings a deep relational skill set to Axiom. A natural coach, Devin works with teams to build and execute strategic plans, while preserving and strengthening the relationships that make business success possible over the course of years and decades.

As a native of Sarasota, Florida, Devin has deep roots in the local area and a heart for community development. While completing his studies at The University of South Florida, Devin lead youth outreach in Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding area. He and his wife Faith got married in 2014 and have two beautiful children, Zoë and little brother Joel. 

What we believe

We aspire to four values that we hope define our culture and the experience of working with us. If you ever experience something different you have our permission to call us out, and we sincerely mean that. We are not perfect. We fall short. We will disappoint you. But our heart is to live out these values 24 x 7 and we believe that over time they will result in all of us getting better together.

Care: We love those we serve.

Truth: We speak the truth, even when it is hard to say and hard to hear.

Diligence: We bring the right amount of work to the task.

Learning: We are humble and seek to understand more each day.

Why we do it

Mission statements are funny things. Some make all the difference and some make none. We hope ours accomplishes the former.

Our mission is to proclaim Christ in the marketplace by teaching small companies the art and science of growth through strategic planning, execution and coaching. 

This obviously means that our spiritual beliefs intersect with our understanding of business, leadership, finances and much more. In fact, everything we touch is affected by what we believe. And by being honest and open about it we hope to engage others and share with them why we do what we do.

We sincerely believe that small business when done right has the capacity to change the world in incredible ways. More than any church, government institution, non-profit or social services organization…small business has a reach and influence that is unparalleled. Growth of your business should be about more than growing your profits. It should be about the growth of your mission. And a worthy mission is something we should all pursue.