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Joey Brannon, CPA

Joey started Axiom in 2005 with a vision to help small, closely held businesses achieve the goals their owners had in mind when they first got started. Along the way many business owners lose sight of the dreams they had on day one. A small business owner at heart, Joey understands the struggles, frustrations, joy and accomplishment that come from running a company focused on serving others.

Joey and Josie got married in 2000. A little more than four years later Andrew joined the family. Three years after that Lance made Andrew a big brother. A whopping seven years after that Anelise wrapped them all around her finger.

How we work

From 2005 until 2012 Axiom consisted of a real live office with real live people driving to work every day. As the consulting practice thrived we made a big decision. We shut down the office, moved all of the tax and accounting clients to another firm, and focused our attention and energy on businesses that wanted help with strategic planning and execution. As a virtual company we enjoy being anywhere and everywhere. Going back to "the office" would be a very hard thing for us to wrap our heads around (and some of us would have a commute that involved crossing time zones).