Openings for specialized and general business consultants

Axiom is looking to increase its team of consultants and business partners so we can grow and serve a larger number of clients. These are not cushy, salaried positions. Our consultants earn a percentage of the value they deliver to clients. There is no ceiling and there is no floor. It's not for everyone. Applicants should be able to identify with all of the following.

  • Past experience helping businesses come up with solutions to real world problems.
  • Experience helping businesses execute those solutions.
  • The desire to spend more time in front of clients (and less time doing admin).
  • The desire to learn the tools and systems Axiom uses with clients.
  • An independent spirit that also appreciates the support and encouragement of a team.
  • Deep technical knowledge in one of the following areas:
    Sales, IT, Legal, HR, Finance, Operations, Customer Service, Marketing

If you would like to be considered for a spot on our team please prepare both pdf and video resumes and fill out the information below.

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