You want to grow. We want to help.

It's that simple.

Axiom specializes in helping teams put together plans for the future and then execute those plans, making sure that results can be measured, usually in the bottom line. We make strategic planning accessible, whether your team has never done it before, or whether you have put it off because the last experience was abysmal. 

Understand what is going on.

Understand what is going on.

There's never been a business problem on a whiteboard that we didn't find sexy.  We love working with teams to understand the challenges that might turn into opportunities. 

Sometimes we facilitate, sometimes we lead, sometimes we brainstorm, sometimes we analyze. But we are always passionate about understanding the keys to moving a business forward.

It helps that our founder is a CPA with a finely tuned BS meter.

Build something new.

Strategies are wonderfully creative things. We never get tired of the creative process. Helping teams come up with the strategies to take them to the next level is one of the most exciting things we do.

There is a myth that creativity knows no bounds. The most creative solutions arise when constraints force a new approach. 

We can define the sandbox that teams get to play in when it comes to creative strategy. This is hugely important to get teams to engage, open their minds to something new, and come up with the next great thing.

Build something new

Be a little different

Be a little different.

Imitation is no recipe for success.

  • What makes a business different?
  • Why should people use it instead of a competitor?

We can be fierce critics one minute and enthusiastic cheerleaders the next. Differentiation is something that everyone thinks they have, but very few companies actual attain. Finding a way to stand out against the competition is key to growth and long term profitability.

Dive in! Don't hesitate.

Sooner or later it is time to act, whether all the information is available or not (and usually it isn't). We push teams off the ledge of status quo, and make sure that their plans get off the shelf and into operations.  

We measure results, challenge companies to make improvements and learn from mistakes.

There is no substitue for experience and we want our clients to start gaining that experience as soon as possible.

Dive in! Don't hesitate.

Have fun along the way.

Have fun along the way.

Those who take themselves too seriously not only miss opportunities, they miss a good deal of the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Teams that enjoy what they do work with greater focus and as a result get more done. We like to have fun with the teams we help. Life is too short to work with a bunch of people too busy or self absorbed to notice others.

We will laugh with you. There are times when we may laugh at you, and we sincerely hope you return the favor.